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Almost a year and a half into the global Covid-19 pandemic, business leaders are facing a challenge that is being coined “The Great Resignation.” Millions of people are currently quitting their jobs in search of better opportunities. 

And it’s not just those in the service industry that are looking for a change, but Chief Executives as well. 

Even by the end of 2020, Russell 3000 and S&P 500 companies saw an 11.6% turnover rate for CEOs and top executives, comparable to years prior. 

It’s clear then that despite Covid-19, top talent is still very much in demand. Which also means that at this very moment, people are trying to convince your business’s best performers to leave your company for theirs.

So what are you doing to encourage them to stay? How do you differentiate your company’s leadership culture from others?

Wellness Corporate Solutions Like No Other

Corporate wellness programs are on the rise in companies all around the United States. So much so that almost 50% of U.S. worksites now offer some type of health promotion program for their employees. 

But not all of these programs are created equally

Even traditional executive health exams designed for senior leadership continue to use outdated technology, require costly travel and fail to provide truly comprehensive care. There is nothing about these health programs that sets them apart from their competitors. They aren’t different from what other companies have to offer. 

That’s why EDISON BIO has created  wellness corporate solutions that help the highest-achieving people on the planet become the highest-performing versions of themselves. Using the most advanced medical technology ever created, we can offer your company’s leadership the most detailed insight into their minds plus body ever created. 

We provide full-body MRIs, micronutrient analysis, mental health screening, full-genome sequencing, revolutionary cancer blood tests and more. Your senior executives will receive a level of care that far surpasses anything they’ve ever experienced before. 

Protect Your Company’s Biggest Asset: Your People
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Your company’s profitability relies on the performance of your people—especially your top leadership. When one of your senior executives misses work due to illness there is a direct effect on your bottom line. Whether it be from a missed investment deal, the pushback of a project milestone or the postponement of a critical presentation, absences from top performers significantly affect your company’s success. 

Unfortunately, chronic illness continues to be a major issue for the majority of adults living in the United States. According to the NCBI, the shift in chronic disease affecting younger generations has created an economic burden “because of illness-related loss of productivity due to absence from work (absenteeism) and reduced performance while at work (presenteeism).” 

However, EDISON BIO’s corporate wellness solution allows your company’s leaders to proactively prevent disease and expand their health potential—meaning less sick days and missed opportunities. 

When you prioritize their health, your top performers will be able to execute their assignments and reach their goals successfully. Receive the best from your senior executives by providing them with the best level of care available.

Attract and Retain Top Performers wellness corporate solutions

While 87% of employees take corporate wellness packages into account when deciding on an employer, the most talented candidates will expect premium care that goes beyond what’s traditionally offered.

It’s not enough to simply offer any executive health program; CEOs, managing partners and business leaders seek plans that will have an actualized and tangible impact on their lives. What you need is a competitive edge that sets you apart. 

Through offering EDISON BIO’s corporate wellness program, you can attract and retain top performers in your company. Compared to other executive healthcare programs, EDISON BIO is unmatched in convenience, innovative technology and comprehensiveness. 

By offering them the most Advanced Executive Health exam ever created, your leadership and potential candidates will recognize how much you truly value their wellbeing inside as well as outside the office. 

Breed a Culture of High Performancewellness corporate solutions

The best companies use the best tools to reach their goals. Give your leadership the highest chance of success by providing them with the most advanced care available. 

The highest-achieving people are those who continually seek to improve every aspect of their lives, including their health. Establish a culture of high performance within your company by helping your leaders optimize their minds and bodies. 

At EDISON BIO, there is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to care. As a Member of our corporate wellness solution program, your top performers will receive incredibly personalized treatment. We will tailor their care to their unique bodies based upon their unique results. Equipped with life-saving information, they can then become the healthiest and highest-achieving versions of themselves. 

Allow your leadership to expand their health potential, improve their productivity and increase their longevity by providing them with the most advanced wellness corporate solutions available.


Most of us worry about our health. EDISON BIO advanced, comprehensive, and convenient health screening uncovers hidden disease and health challenges early. You’ll be confident about your health and primed to perform at your highest potential.

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