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When considering investing in executive healthcare, you may find yourself asking “do I really need a provider like EDISON BIO to do all this work for me? Can’t I just take care of my health on my own?” Afterall, you’re probably a very skilled high-achiever—so why shouldn’t you be able to do it yourself?

Consider this,

Have you ever gone fishing with a guide or taken lessons for something new like skiing?

Did you catch more fish or get down the slopes safer and faster because of their expert help?


Could you have figured out the basics by simply Googling how to fish or ski? Also probably.

But here’s the key:
Would it have been worth your time and energy to do so?
And would you have succeeded just as well on your own? Probably not.

Experts are experts for a reason: they are there to help you navigate the things that you don’t have the same skills and experience in. And just like learning how to fish or ski, you need an expert to help you assess and evaluate your health if you want to achieve the best results.

When deciding whether you should choose EDISON BIO to help you optimize longevity and performance for your physical and mental health or whether you should do it on your own, here are some questions to consider:

1. Do you have time to learn it all correctly?

There is so much information out there regarding how to best care for your mind and body, some of it even conflicting. Do you realistically have the time to invest in researching the best diagnostic tools, testing them, aggregating your data, and then connecting with an expert provider? How confident are you that you won’t accidentally buy into some snake oil, non-evidence based scam that promises unbelievable results?

EDISON BIO takes the guessing out by doing the work for you: from ensuring that you receive the best and most comprehensive care to connecting you with the most skilled specialists around the globe. Your time is incredibly valuable and shouldn’t be wasted on trying to learn something extremely complicated outside of your skillset.

2. Do you want potential challenges to grow and risks to turn into life-changing threats?

There could be diseases growing inside of you undetected this very minute. Are you comfortable with allowing them to develop into potentially fatal or life changing issues while you take the time to figure out how to care for your health on your own?

Or would you rather have an expert use the most advanced diagnostic technologies to examine you, empowering you with the peace of mind that you know exactly what is going on in your body? 

EDISON BIO recognizes how important it is to invest in preventative health. Their Executive Health Exam ensures that the risks you may be facing are identified and treated as quickly as possible. 

3. Do you have the technical interest or skills to do so?

Everyone wants great health but not everyone is interested enough to devote their time and energy to learning how to best care for it. There’s a reason that scientists, technologists, and doctors invest so many years training to do what they do: there is an exorbitant amount of information out there to learn. 

Are you really passionate about diving into the details and have the ability to do it all by yourself?

EDISON BIO’s team and partners from around the world are committed to providing the best so you don’t have to.

4. Do you have access to medical technology?

Many medical-grade technologies require you to be a physician to use them. In order to best protect your health, you’ll need the best technologies available. 

Are you confident in your ability to gain access to these technologies on your own? 

EDISON BIO has invested in the most advanced medical technology available and is committed to continue to innovate to shape the future of healthcare. 

5. Are you going to follow through?

In order to truly gain a comprehensive understanding of your physical and mental health, you can’t quit halfway through. Are you going to give up after a few tests and leave important aspects of your health at risk or will you be diligent enough to keep going? 

EDISON BIO ‘s Executive Health Exam is conducted at your preferred location and on your schedule—ensuring that you never miss out on receiving the most comprehensive care and that optimizing your health is as easy and convenient as possible.

In Conclusion

Managing your health care by yourself is difficult, potentially dangerous, and extremely time-intensive. Unless you are a biohacker with access to the most advanced technologies and capable of analyzing vast collections of data, you should strongly consider seeking out expert guidance. 

Your health is your most important asset; you should entrust it to the best. Committed to investing in your optimal performance and longevity, EDISON BIO provides premium preventative, data-driven, and comprehensive care through the use of the most advanced diagnostic technologies on the planet. 


Most of us worry about our health. EDISON BIO advanced, comprehensive, and convenient health screening uncovers hidden disease and health challenges early. You’ll be confident about your health and primed to perform at your highest potential.

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