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Executive physicals have been around for some time now. Ask any CEO, VP or professional athlete about their healthcare experiences and they’ll probably tell you it’s been awhile since they’ve received traditional care.  

For these high-achievers and those seeking a better understanding of their minds and bodies, your typical 5-minute annual exam isn’t enough. Instead, an executive physical offers them a promising solution. 

But as years have gone by and more and more executive health exams have been brought to market, it’s become clear that not all executive physicals are created equally. In fact, many of the leaders in executive health have fallen behind technologically in what they offer their patients. With all of the advancements in innovation over the past few years, an executive physical today should definitely not look the same as an executive physical ten years ago.

So then what should the best executive health exam look like now? Below is a breakdown of what an executive physical it is, what it should include and how it could help you change your life. 

What Is an Executive Physical?

The name is somewhat self-explanatory. Executive physicals allow high-achievers (like executives) to receive a level of care (through physical examination) that surpasses what would be traditionally offered to them. 

As mentioned above, the majority of conventional physician visits last fewer than five minutes in total. That’s five minutes to go over an entire lifetime’s worth of health history, test results and plans for improvement. To solve this dilemma, the executive physical was created to give those who could afford it more time with a doctor and greater access to diagnostic testing. So while a traditional exam might only include basic lab draws, an executive physical might also include extensive blood panels, genetic testing, imaging and more to give the patient greater insight into their wellbeing. 

What Is the Benefit of an Executive Health Program?

One of the greatest benefits of an executive physical is that it allows you and your doctor to focus on prevention strategies. The United States’ healthcare industry in particular centers around reactive, rather than proactive medicine. By design, the system prioritizes treating diseases after they’ve developed into life-altering issues over preventing the diseases in the first place. As a result of this broken approach, those who can turn to executive physicals as an answer. 

By investing in an executive physical, you gain peace of mind through prioritizing your health as one of your most critical assets. You are equipped with the information necessary to measure your wellness, monitor changes and take actions to improve your overall well-being. 

The Future of the Executive Physical 

Most executive physicals can promise you more time with doctors, more access to testing and more time to go over your results than a traditional exam would.

However, there are some key differentiators that mark what the best executive exams out there look like. The future of the executive physical relies not just on being better than traditional exams, but on offering the most advanced, convenient and innovative care available. 

The Testing Comes to YouExecutive Physical

Many executive health programs have beautiful and luxurious facilities where patients come to receive testing and treatment. The problem though with these spa-like clinics is that they divert resources away from technology that could actually help you better understand your health. Does the idea of sipping cucumber water by a pool while you wait for your MRI sound nice? Of course. But does it help you improve your mental and physical wellbeing in any way? No. 

Additionally, having one physical testing location means that patients are forced to travel to receive their exam, oftentimes at a great distance.  However, the best executive physicals are not limited to any one location—the testing comes to you. The leaders in executive health programs today recognize that for their high-achieving patients, time is money. And there are few things more valuable than it. That’s why they’ve designed exams where the testing can occur in your home or office, at your convenience. No more wasted time or travel required. And no more wasted resources on unnecessary overhead. 

It Includes the Most Advanced Technology Available 

While almost all executive physicals provide patients with a wider range of testing than a traditional exam would, the very best offer the most advanced technologies available. The most innovative executive physicals include: 

As technology continues to advance, so should executive health programs. There are incredible diagnostic technologies out there that can give unbelievable insight into your mind and body. The best executive physicals today use leading medical innovations to provide their patients with the highest level of care available. 

It Helps You Know How To Become the Healthiest Version of Yourself Longevity

While it’s helpful to gain a deep understanding of the current state of your health, the real benefit obtained from an executive physical is in learning how to improve it. That’s why the top executive health programs provide their patients with personalized recommendations on ways they can increase their longevity and performance. 

When it comes to advanced healthcare, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. It is understood that everyone’s health story is unique, so the care that they receive should be too. So while a low-carb diet might be helpful for someone else, that doesn’t mean it will be for you. In the best executive physicals today, strategies for improving your health are based upon your personalized exam results. How you exercise, what you eat and how you live your life can all be tailored to your unique body and its needs. 

It Connects You With the Best Specialists in the World 

If an exam reveals a potentially serious health problem, the best executive health programs have the ability to connect patients with leading specialists within days. It’s not helpful to be told you have a heart condition only to be left to find the best heart surgeon near you on your own. The top executive physicals today provide patients with access to an extensive network of physicians from all over the world. There’s no pressure to go with a specific doctor. Instead, the patient maintains full autonomy to choose who they would like to be connected with from a curated list of the very best doctors from around the globe.

It Provides You With More Information About Your Mind and Body Than You Thought Possible

The future of advanced medicine is personalized, data-driven and focused on prevention. At its core, executive health programs should provide you with comprehensive insight into everything there is to possibly know about your mind and your body. With more data comes more understanding. So the best way to improve your wellbeing is to continually monitor your health and its changes. 

However, as explained above, not all executive health programs are created equally. Some have fallen behind technologically and continue to offer their patients the same executive physical that they did ten years ago. The best way to judge these programs is to explore what they really offer their patients: 

  • What kinds of technology do they use? 
  • What testing is included in their exam? 
  • How convenient are their services? 
  • How will they help me increase my longevity and performance? 
  • Who will they connect me with if I’m facing a serious issue? 

These questions can guide you to discover the very best executive physical today. 

EDISON BIO’s Advanced Executive Health Exam EDISON BIO Executive Physical

EDISON BIO is on a mission to expand human health potential by offering the most Advanced Executive Health Exam created. With an emphasis on proactive, preventive and personalized care, our goal is to help our Members become the healthiest and highest-achieving versions of themselves. Through an investment in the most innovative technologies available, we allow our patients to gain comprehensive insight into their minds and bodies. Our Members gain peace of mind by knowing the current state of their health, their risks and how they can actively improve their wellbeing. 


Most of us worry about our health. EDISON BIO advanced, comprehensive, and convenient health screening uncovers hidden disease and health challenges early. You’ll be confident about your health and primed to perform at your highest potential.

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