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For years, traditional healthcare has fallen behind in technological innovation and information, driving those who desire to optimize their health to find something better. EDISON BIO, Health Nucleus, and Q.Bio each stand out as leaders in the future of healthcare. These three companies go beyond broken healthcares systems to offer the most advanced executive health exams in the US. Below is a breakdown of the pros and cons of each, detailing their unique approaches to providing premium care.

1. Advanced Executive Health Exams at EDISON BIOadvanced executive health exams

With a focus on longevity and performance, EDISON BIO provides its members with comprehensive insights into their mental and physical health. Through the use of bioinformatic technologies, EDISON BIO emphasizes preventive medicine that works to expand human health potential. 

Through their Executive Health Exam, EDISON BIO provides members with answers to three critical questions

1) Where am I currently health-wise?
2) What are my risks?
3) What diet, exercise, and lifestyle approaches are best suited for my unique body? 

EDISON BIO’s unique model offers testing at the patient’s preferred location—usually their home or office—and coordinates with their nearest imaging center. Their Executive Health Exam includes full-body MRI imaging, extensive blood panels, mental health screening, sleep analysis and more. If any serious health challenges are uncovered from their Executive Health Exam, EDISON BIO can connect members with expert providers who specialize in those areas within 24-48 hours. 

EDISON BIO uses the most advanced technology to provide its members with personal and preventative care focused on their present and future health optimization. The company currently offers services in the US, Canada, and select international locations. For more information, visit www.edisonbio.com.


  • Provides members with more information than any other provider in the world
  • Testing and examinations conducted at member’s preferred location
  • Comprehensive mind and body analysis
  • Strong network of expert providers if rare conditions are uncovered
  • Most premium option of three companies discussed


  • No luxury facilities
  • Currently do not provide physical treatments (surgery, etc.)

2. Advanced Executive Health Exams at Health Nucleusadvanced executive health

A subsidiary of Human Longevity, Health Nucleus is committed to providing proactive and progressive healthcare. Their mission is to help members live longer, healthier, and happier lives through the use of vast data collection and analysis. Health Nucleus offers its proprietary 100+ advanced health assessment at its luxury testing facility in San Diego, California that includes imaging, blood biomarkers, and genomics. 

Health Nucleus’ 100+ annual exam collects 150 gigabytes of personalized data to inform members of their risks and to give them the opportunity to treat diseases preemptively. Upon arriving at their luxury testing center, members are provided with premium loungewear and are served both breakfast and lunch throughout their day of examinations. Health Nucleus promises to deliver a truly deluxe experience in care. 

The company leverages some of the technology that their parent company, Human Longevity, invests in early on in the development of health technology. You can find more information at https://www.healthnucleus100plus.com/.


  • Luxury facilities


  • Single location in San Diego
  • Time intensive
  • Lack of mental testing

3. Advanced Executive Health Exams at Q.Bioadvanced executive health exams

Founded in 2015 by Jeff Kaditz, Q.Bio is a venture capital-backed, technology-focused platform that aims to expand access to preventative medicine. Conducted at their headquarters in Redwood City, California, Q.Bio offers their “Q Exam” that collects millions of data points in order to inform members of their present and future health risks, allowing them to take a proactive approach to their wellness. 

Q. Bio is committed to providing cheaper and faster service than other executive health providers and as such their Q Exam only takes 75-90 minutes. After the exam, members are provided access to their personalized and secure Q Dashboard online, giving them the ability to share their results with their doctors, nutritionists, specialists and more. 

Q.Bio is dedicated to removing barriers to preventive and advanced healthcare. Their goal is to equip members to take control of their own health by providing them with access to critical information about their bodies and any changes that occur. More information can be found at www.q.bio.com.


  • Focus on speed of service and accessibility
  • Contributing to the research community


  • Limited health information captured
  • Single physical location
  • Early stage technology


All three executive health exams go above what your traditional executive health providers have to offer. Their focus on technology and data is the future of healthcare and is inspiring a new generation of medical professionals to provide a level of care that was previously only seen in science fiction. 

If you have the resources to invest into your health and budget is not a limiting factor, EDISON BIO is our pick for a provider that exceeds in utilizing the most advanced technology, in offering convenient access to care, and in providing the most comprehensive analysis about your physical and mental health.

Within the entire healthcare industry, insurance companies, governments, and traditional providers have a long way to go. For those with the resources, EDISON BIO, Health Nucleus and Q.BIO are worth looking into to take control of your health and to optimize your wellness.


Most of us worry about our health. EDISON BIO advanced, comprehensive, and convenient health screening uncovers hidden disease and health challenges early. You’ll be confident about your health and primed to perform at your highest potential.

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