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Outside of experiencing serious illness or injury, have you ever stopped to question whether your current family doctor or particular specialist you see is doing enough to protect and ensure your wellness? Have you ever taken a moment to ask yourself: 

How personalized is the care I’m receiving? 

How thoroughly does my doctor identify my risks and uncover diseases I may have? 

How much focus do they put on expanding my longevity and health performance overall? 

Exploring these questions reveals a seemingly obvious, yet incredibly important truth: doctors are typically really good at doing what they were primarily educated and trained to do—treating sick and injured patients. 

But in your experiences, are they actively searching for and addressing the root cause of your health problems? And are they keeping up with advancements in modern technology to do so? 

In the United States, becoming a doctor requires 4 years of medical school and 3-7 additional years of residency, during which students spend hundreds of hours training and reading thousands of pages of material from textbooks and medical journals. While doctors dedicate an incredible amount of time to learning about the complexities of so many illnesses, some people are beginning to question how productive and efficient the application of their knowledge really is in practice and whether they are able to keep up with today’s pace of technological change.

Traditional Health Visits

Examining the details of an ordinary doctor’s visit exposes two distinct areas in which conventional care is currently lacking: time and technology. 

Inadequate Time:  

When visiting your typical family physician or GP, how much time do you actually spend face-to-face with them? 

For the majority of people throughout the world, primary care visits last for fewer than five minutes in total

Fewer than 300 seconds for you to go over a lifetime of health history and to communicate your concerns for your future health potential.

A study conducted by the National Center for Biotechnology Information found that these time-crunched visits result in fewer health issues being addressed and decreased patient satisfaction overall. At their core, most healthcare systems encourage doctors to focus on prescribing remedies to your symptoms, instead of trying to determine and treat what ultimately caused the symptoms in the first place. There isn’t much time for anything else. 

Think back to the last time you went to get a checkup with your physician. Your doctor most likely walked in, asked you a few questions about any health concerns or symptoms you were experiencing, and then probably prescribed you a medication to remedy them. 

But how much time was spent discussing preventative treatment, your longevity, or your increased performance? 

Outdated Technology: 

Even more importantly, during these checkups, what sort of technology did your physician use to examine you? 

Did they utilize extensive biomarker analysis, Genomics or full-body MRI imaging? 

Or instead, did your doctor use the same antiquated approaches, examining you with devices such as tongue depressor sticks and the stethoscope—a tool first invented all the way back in 1816.

Technological advancements have allowed for diagnostic screening to go far beyond that of a simple blood panel, yet much of healthcare today continues to rely heavily on these outdated practices. 

Did you walk away from your appointment confident that your doctor had collected and captured all of the data necessary to ensure your optimal health potential, both physically and mentally? 

A Broken System 

Reactionary medicine continues to remain the norm despite the fact that preventative care is much more cost efficient and is invested in increasing your overall longevity and performance through identifying the root cause of your health issues. 

Unfortunately, it is much easier for a doctor to simply prescribe you a medication—sometimes even being financially incentivized to do so—and send you on your way than spend time running various diagnostic tests in order to provide more personalized and long term care. While advanced technology needed for this kind of personalized care has already been developed, doctors are constrained by government regulations and hospital bureaucracies that prevent them from utilizing these developments to their furthest potentials. 

How much more confident would you be if you knew that your doctor was not only looking into the health issues you had in the present, but also actively investigating those that you may develop in the future? Current healthcare system constraints actually inhibit you from understanding your health comprehensively and limit you from discovering how to best ensure your optimal life-long performance.   

A Lack of Clarity in Care  

There’s a reason doctors have to go through so many years of education and training to become licensed. Their jobs require remembering and understanding an exorbitant amount of knowledge, much of which is incredibly complicated. It is critical to your lifelong wellness that your doctor be able to simply and comprehensively explain to you the information relating to your health in an easily digestible manner. 

But how often do you actually leave your physician’s visit with a clear picture of the status of your health and an understanding of the ways in which you could be improving it?

In the small amount of time that you actually spend speaking with your doctor, do you feel equipped to work alongside them to create an action plan for achieving longevity and increased performance? Or do you usually walk away with a merely a small piece of your overall health puzzle, unsure of what steps to take next?  

A Better Way – Using Innovation To Increase Longevity and Performance 

At EDISON BIO, our mission is to fill this gap between traditional healthcare and the prioritization of longevity and performance through the application of technological innovation. We offer the most Advanced Executive Health Service in the world in order to expand human health potential. 

Using bioinformatic technologies, we analyze your data in order to provide an expert and holistic review of your health. EDISON BIO provides peace of mind by proactively detecting diseases you may have now or are at risk for in the future. The care administered is personalized, preventative, and focused on your present and future wellness. 

EDISON BIO is committed to accelerate access to the most advanced technology so that every patient can live their lives fully and empowered to take control of their own health. With EDISON BIO, patients never again have to question whether their doctors are invested in their life-long health. 


Most of us worry about our health. EDISON BIO advanced, comprehensive, and convenient health screening uncovers hidden disease and health challenges early. You’ll be confident about your health and primed to perform at your highest potential.

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