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Are you looking for an executive health program that can solve your frustrations with traditional reactionary care?

In the United States, 1 out of every 4 deaths is due to heart disease, killing someone every 36 seconds and resulting in over $200 billion in healthcare costs. But according to the CDC, out of these annual 600,000 deaths, 200,000 could have been prevented. 

Similarly, while 600,000 Americans die from cancer each year, research has shown that 45% of cancer deaths are the result of modifiable risk factors that could also have been prevented. 

So with all of these opportunities for prevention, why are there so many unnecessary deaths? 

The answer lies in how the system was designed.

The Reactionary Healthcare Approach vs. An Executive Health Program

Traditionally, the American healthcare system has focused on reactionary care, waiting to treat diseases only once they’ve advanced far enough to begin presenting serious symptoms. 

However, often by the time these symptoms begin to appear it is too late to treat the diseases successfully. For example, even though in the U.S. almost 40% of men and women will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetimes, only 20% of those with a late-stage diagnosis will survive longer than five years. 

The National Center for Biotechnology Information describes this reactionary approach as “a healthcare delivery system that places a priority on reimbursing for the treatment of chronic illness, rather than preventing disease in the first place.” 

The good news is, there is a better way. 

EDISON BIO is on a mission to revolutionize this broken system by offering its Members a proactive, preventive and convenient Executive Health Program. With a focus on expanding human health potential, EDISON BIO’s Executive Health Exam uses the most advanced technology to help Members gain comprehensive insight into the current state of their health. 

Below, discover what you could know by becoming a Member of EDISON BIO and investing in preventive care. 

Know Your Current Level of Disease Executive Health Program

Have you ever stopped to wonder what sort of diseases could be growing in your body at this very moment undetected? 

As a Member of EDISON BIO’s Executive Health Program, you don’t have to wonder or worry anymore. 

During your Advanced Executive Health Exam, we collect billions of different personalized data points using the most innovative health technologies available to create a comprehensive baseline and understanding of the current state of your health. No more guessing required. 

For example, early detection cancer blood tests can screen for over 50 different kinds of cancer at once, revolutionizing the screening process and giving you the opportunity to treat the disease at its onset if necessary. 

Likewise, a full-body MRI is included in all of our Executive Health Exams, allowing you to see exactly what could be growing in your body before symptoms present themselves—whether it be brain tumors, peripheral vascular disease, colon polyps, pulmonary lesions, heart disease, spinal deterioration and more. 

Don’t wait to determine what diseases could be developing inside of you until it’s too late. Prioritize your longevity by uncovering the current state of your health today.

Know Your Risks And How To Avoid Them

Do you feel equipped with the information necessary to avoid the health risks you’re facing? 

Unfortunately, many people aren’t even aware of their risks until they’ve progressed into potentially fatal problems. 

But at EDISON BIO, we provide Members with the information necessary to help them prevent diseases they might face in the future. 

In all of our Executive Health Programs, Member receives full-genome sequencing in order for them to understand any genetic risks that may threaten them later in life. Even the CDC emphasizes how genetic testing can help people learn about genetic conditions before the onset of symptoms occurs, giving them the chance to take preventive action steps before conditions worsen. 

Likewise, unlike many traditional providers, EDISON BIO offers Members comprehensive mental health and performance analysis to help them identify how their brain is operating and aging. Instead of waiting until the possibility of the onset of neurological disease, Members can monitor their brain health over their entire adult lives. 

Don’t let the state of your health today keep you from investing in the state of your health tomorrow. Take control of your health by understanding your risks and knowing how to avoid them.

Know Your Opportunities To Optimize Executive Health Program

Finally, do you have a desire to become the healthiest and highest performing version of yourself possible? 

At EDISON BIO, we help our Members recognize opportunities to expand their health potential, increase their longevity and improve their performance so that they can become the highest achieving people on the planet. 

We understand there is no one-size-fits-all approach to healthcare. That’s why we offer all of our Members personalized diet, lifestyle and exercise recommendations based upon their unique Executive Health Exam results. 

By consistently monitoring health changes, EDISON BIO provides Members with the personalized information necessary for them to improve their results, increase their energy and boost their physical performance. 

Stop wasting time worrying about the future of your health and relying on a broken and reactionary healthcare system. Join EDISON BIO’s Executive Health Program to understand the current state of your health, how to avoid your risks and ways to optimize your wellness.


Most of us worry about our health. EDISON BIO advanced, comprehensive, and convenient health screening uncovers hidden disease and health challenges early. You’ll be confident about your health and primed to perform at your highest potential.

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