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Houston health tech company EDISON BIO has launched what may be the most comprehensive and advanced executive health exam on the planet. This new “physical of the future” aggregates a wide array of health data to create a truly universal digitalization of patients’ minds and bodies focused on improving longevity and performance. EDISON BIO’s Artificial Intelligence, combined with a team of medical experts, analyzes health changes at the first signs of detection — long before they have the chance to progress into serious health concerns. By analyzing this personalized data, EDISON BIO can uncover potential health risks and create an educational, highly personalized health strategy focused on optimizing diet, exercise, and lifestyle to improve overall performance and longevity. This approach aims to empower people to achieve the most in-depth understanding of all areas of their health in a way never before imagined.

Despite all the advances of modern medicine, today’s healthcare system still largely takes a reactionary approach, catching disease only after symptoms manifest. By that time, it is often too late to reverse the resulting damage. The team at EDISON BIO believes that no one should have to wait until their disease becomes too harmful for treatment and is accelerating access to the latest in medical detection technology.

In contrast to the routine exam and minimal blood work done by many doctors today, EDISON BIO uses the latest technology to collect extensive data — including full-body MRI imaging, a full array of genomic technology including whole genome sequencing, extensive blood analysis, and diet, lifestyle, and mental health evaluations to determine current and future health risks. This scientifically quantified data empowers members with confidence and peace of mind as to the comprehensive state of their health.

EDISON BIO’s founder realized the need for proactive awareness of health risks when a cancer screening technology saved his mother’s life. Around the same time, a family friend passed away after cancer was detected too late. He and his team have spent nearly twenty years researching and experimenting with medical technology to make medicine more personalized and less reactionary in nature. He believes that it will change the way people engage with their health through anticipating concerns early on and empowering people with personalized tools to achieve their optimum health.

EDISON BIO conducts their Advanced Executive Health Exam at their members’ preferred location, including their homes, corporate offices, or wherever they are requested. After the biomarkers are analyzed, they offer an easy-to-understand educational plan to address concerns as well as rapid access to the world’s leading experts if a rare condition or disease is detected.

EDISON BIO is using evidence-based, data-driven technology to expand human health potential. Named in homage to Thomas Edison’s invention of the light bulb, EDISON BIO is illuminating the future of healthcare in the twenty-first century by providing a more personalized, preventive, and data-driven approach to health.

EDISON BIO Contact: https://www.edisonbio.com / support@edisonbio.com / Phone: 888-366-0123

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