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Lebron James, legendary NBA star, spends an estimated 1.5 million dollars each year to care for his health and wellness. 

And this enormous expenditure is actually a wise investment for him. 

Lebron James currently has a two-year, 85 million dollar contract—all of which depends upon his ability to perform and play well. His body is his most important asset. And a $1.5 million dollar investment into it allows him to secure an enormous return. 

One of James’ former teammates explained it this way: “Where a lot of people don’t do it, he puts a lot of money behind taking care of his body…that big expense has allowed him to make a lot more money for a long period of time.”

So if one of the most successful people in the world yields long-term value from investing in his health, why don’t other kinds of high-achievers do likewise?

The Value of Your Energy: An Unequal BalanceHealth Optimization

The average CEO in the United States makes over 775,000 dollars annually

Yet, for many of these top executives, caring for their bodies is an afterthought. While being healthy might be a goal of theirs, they often don’t make the connection between their performance and their wellness.

But they should. 

In today’s corporate world, there is a missed opportunity for higher achievement when it comes to health. 

It’s not rocket science that the healthier you are, the more productive you can be. Afterall, things like micronutrient deficiencies, sleep apnea and poor mental health (all of which frequently go undiagnosed) can decrease your cognitive functioning and ability to concentrate. 

How Much Is Your Energy Worth?

For top executives who depend on tremendous amounts of energy, stamina and mental clarity to do their jobs well, you’d think that health optimization would be their priority. 

But oftentimes, it is not

In order to help make clear the tangible importance and impact of their health, we’ve done a rough calculation of what the energy of an average CEO in the U.S. is really worth: 

  • Average CEO salary: $775,900
  • Average CEO hours worked per week: 62.5

Assuming the CEO works all 52 week out of the year, this is how much their energy output is worth:

  • $238.74/hour
  • $3.98/minute

Essentially, every minute of their day, the average CEO produces almost four entire dollars worth of energy (or work). 

That’s a lot of energy output. 

The question then remains: how much money are these CEOs investing into their input? 

In other words, how much do they spend on rejuvenating their bodies? On revitalizing their wellness? Or on regenerating their health and expanding their longevity?

For many CEOs, the answer is not very much. They overlook the value in expanding their health potential and optimizing their minds and bodies.

But in reality, could their energy output be even greater if their energy input increased?

At EDISON BIO, we believe that the answer to that question is a resounding yes.

Health Optimization
Advanced Health Technology

EDISON BIO helps the highest-achieving people on the planet increase their longevity and performance by helping them optimize their minds and bodies. 

We subscribe to the philosophy that even 1% improvements yield incredible impacts and results. No advancement is too insignificant to be ignored.

How We Do It

All EDISON BIO Members receive an Advanced Executive Health Exam that allows them to gain comprehensive insight into their minds and bodies. 

The exam includes: 

Not only do our Members walk away knowing more about their bodies than they ever imagined they could know, but they also learn how they can improve their results. 

Every EDISON BIO Member receives personalized diet, exercise and lifestyle recommendations based upon their unique health data. They’re given actionable steps to take to enhance their mental and physical wellbeing. 

Our Members recognize the importance of expanding their health potential. They understand that an investment in their health is really an investment in their performance and in their future. 

Final Takeaways 

While you may not be able to spend millions each year on your health like Lebron James, you definitely could be spending more than you do now. We hope you begin to consider the value of your energy output and question what you are currently doing to sustain and advance it. 

Relying on the traditional health system and even outdated executive health programs won’t yield improvements in your performance and may even result in otherwise preventive illnesses, diseases or death. 

Instead, EDISON BIO can help you optimize your mind and body so that you can become the healthiest and highest-achieving version of yourself. 


Most of us worry about our health. EDISON BIO advanced, comprehensive, and convenient health screening uncovers hidden disease and health challenges early. You’ll be confident about your health and primed to perform at your highest potential.

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