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Feel like you’ve been hearing about “concierge healthcare” everywhere? 

Well you wouldn’t be wrong; companies promising concierge-like medical care are on the rise and growing

This is due in part to patients’ growing frustrations with the reactionary and “sick-care” focused healthcare system in the U.S. People want more for themselves and their families—more time with doctors, more emphasis on preventive care and more peace of mind about their wellness. 

But with so many concierge healthcare companies to choose from, how can you know which one will offer the highest level of care? How can you be sure that what you’re receiving is the best there is available? 

To make things easier, here are three helpful questions you should ask yourself when considering a concierge healthcare program:  

1. Will They Use the Most Advanced Technology To Help Me Know My Risks?concierge healthcare

Unfortunately, many concierge healthcare programs use fancy facilities and spa-like environments to fool patients into thinking that they’re receiving the highest level of care. But in reality, these beautiful buildings do nothing to help you learn more about your body and mind. 

Instead, the best concierge healthcare programs should be investing their money into the most advanced medical technology available. 

For example, do they offer you

You deserve to understand everything there is to know about your health story. These are just a few of the many technologies that can help you gain greater insight into your mind and body. 

Don’t overpay for concierge health services that aren’t really invested in providing the most advanced care available. There have been incredible technological innovations over the last few years; choose a concierge healthcare program that is utilizing them to help you gain the most comprehensive insight into your mind plus body ever offered. 

2. Will They Help Me Increase My Longevity and Performance?
concierge healthcare

Most concierge healthcare programs emphasize proactive and preventive care, which is great considering the U.S.’s current reactionary approach to medicine. 

However, the best concierge health programs go a step further to help you determine how to optimize your wellness to become the healthiest version of yourself. 

It is incredibly important to know your risks and prevent diseases as you age. But there is also so much to be gained by knowing how to enhance your health as well. Your concierge healthcare program should offer you personalized diet, exercise and lifestyle recommendations based on your unique health results. 

Overall, the best services should equip you with the tools necessary for you to increase your longevity and improve your performance. Don’t just settle for ‘okay’ health. Your concierge health program’s mission should be to help you achieve your health goals and realize your highest potential. 

3. Will They Save Me Time and Hassle With Convenient Care?
concierge healthcare

A common complaint concerning concierge health programs is their scarcity of locations in certain areas around the country. This means that for many people, receiving a higher level of care requires costly and time-consuming travel. 

This is why the most advanced concierge health services actually come to your home or office to provide you with the highest level of care. 

If you’re a high-achiever, odds are your time is very valuable and not something you give up lightly. By traveling to where you are, a premium concierge healthcare program can save you hassle by meeting with you at your most convenient location. 

In addition, telemedicine allows you to go over your exam results with your doctor from anywhere in the world. All of your health data can then be compiled and available in one place, giving you the power to share it with your family or specialists with ease. 

Don’t invest in a program that’s using the same technology and strategies from 15 years ago. The best concierge health services recognize the value of your time and provide you with the most convenient care available.

A Concierge Health Program That’s Right for You

Do a quick Google search of “concierge healthcare programs” and you’ll easily become overwhelmed with all of the different companies promising to be the best in the business. But to really determine which will provide the most advanced care, you need to look beyond the surface and ask yourself what they’re actually offering you: fancy, spa-like facilities and basic diagnostic lab draws? Or leading innovative technologies and convenient comprehensive analysis?

Don’t settle for the way that concierge health programs have always been done. Invest in a company that uses the most advanced technology to help you improve your performance, increase your longevity and expand your health potential. 


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