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Long established players that specialize in reactionary medicine or simply provide spa-like experiences are being taken over by providers that specialize in proactive and progressive care. 

The future of healthcare relies on combining the most advanced technological innovations with comprehensive and data-driven information.

Advanced Executive Health Exams

Traditional providers are not incentivized to invest in leading diagnostic technologies nor do they collect enough information from their patients to provide them with a truly holistic understanding of their mental and physical health. 

Yet leaders in the future of healthcare are using the most advanced technology to capture vast and in-depth information about their patients to provide them with the most accurate analysis of all aspects of their health—not just specific ones. 

Below is a summary of a few of these conventional providers alongside the new innovators in the future of advanced healthcare that are committed to providing the most comprehensive and preventative care.

The Old:

These examples illustrate how traditional healthcare providers often invest in unnecessary facilities over advanced technology, focus too much on reactionary medicine, and only present narrow perspectives on their patients’ health.

Cooper Clinic

Over the last 50 years, Cooper Clinic has provided individualized care to more than 100,000 patients at their headquarters in Dallas, Texas. Their preventive exam consists of lab testing, cardiovascular screening, an upper-body CT scan, skin cancer screening, and nutrition coaching. 

Members must travel to the Clinic for their care which itself is part of the 30-acre Cooper Aerobics Center that includes a hotel, fitness center, spa, dermatology clinic and more. Because of their emphasis on efficiency, Cooper Clinic provides members with their test results the same day that they are examined. 

As one of the first providers to offer executive healthcare, Cooper Clinic knows how to deliver a 5-star experience for their patients. However, these deluxe facilities do little to actually improve patients’ health and instead funnel resources away from investing in the most advanced technology.


  • A long history with executive healthcare
  • Many onsite amenities


  • Single location in Dallas
  • Lack of investment in most advanced technology

Mayo Clinic

It is impossible to think about healthcare and not have the Mayo Clinic come to mind. With more than $14 billion in annual revenue, the Mayo Clinic researches and provides clinical care for complex diseases for patients from all over the world. 

The Mayo Clinic operates across various states in the US and continues to rank as the #1 hospital in the nation. While the Mayo Clinic does an extraordinary job at treating diseases, they are less focused on preventing them. 

The future of healthcare emphasizes preventive versus reactionary care. Proactively examining your health through the most advanced technology allows you to determine your health risks and possibly treat previously undetected diseases before it is too late.


  • locations in various states across the U.S.
  • In-depth research on complex/rare diseases


  • Focus on reactionary medicine
  • Prioritize hospital care

Colorado Institute of Sports Medicine

Founded in 2016, the Colorado Institute of Sports Medicine provides premium care for professional athletes, Olympians in training, and those simply seeking to improve their performance and health. Through the use of various different kinds of therapy, such as Trigger Point Dry Needling or Electrical Stimulation, their team works with patients so that they can operate at their highest potential. 

 While the Institute does a good job of offering physical therapy to their members, they miss out on providing truly comprehensive care. There is little point in treating an issue if you are unsure why that problem is occuring in the first place. In order to truly optimize your longevity and performance, you must invest in advanced technology to gain the most detailed and extensive understanding of your health.


  • Emphasis on overall performance
  • Different kinds of physical therapies offered


  • Narrow scope of treatment
  • Lack comprehensive data collection
  • Single location in Colorado

The New: 

These providers understand the importance of technological innovation and capturing comprehensive data in the future of healthcare.

Health Nucleus

Located in San Diego, California, Health Nucleus provides members with preventive and progressive healthcare through the use of advanced technology and data analysis. At Health Nucleus, patients partake in their proprietary 100+ advanced health assessment that includes genomics, body-imaging, and biomarker testing. 

During the 100+ exam, Health Nucleus collects over 150 gigabytes of data from their patients in order to gain the most comprehensive picture of their health. The mission of Health Nucleus is to help their patients live healthier and longer lives and they believe that vast and personalized data analysis is the best way to do so.


  • Personalized treatment
  • Extensive testing and data collection


  • Single location in San Diego
  • Time intensive

Q.BioTelemedicine Executive Health

Q.Bio is a technology-focused platform committed to providing accessible and preventive care to those who want to better understand their present and future health risks. Their “Q Exam” only takes 75-90 minutes at their testing facility in Redwood City, California and captures millions of data points that can then be shared with patients’ doctors and specialists. 

Q.Bio recognizes that changes to your body should be routinely monitored and analyzed if you want to gain the most informed perspective of your health. They understand that premium healthcare should not depend upon fancy facilities or deluxe experiences but instead on the continual collection of data.


  • Emphasis on accessibility
  • Strong investment in research


  • Single location in California
  • Earlier-stage technology than other executive health leaders


EDISON BIO is the leader in the future of executive healthcare. Their Executive Health Exam uses the most advanced technology to provide members with valuable insights into their physical and mental health so that they can improve their longevity and performance. 

Their Executive Health Exam is incredibly comprehensive and includes extensive lab analysis, full-body MRI imaging, mental health analysis and more. What makes EDISON BIO stand out from other executive healthcare providers is that they have no physical location—they come to you for testing to provide the most convenient care. 

EDISON BIO is committed to investing in leading technology in order to increase human health potential. Their goal is to equip members with peace of mind, knowing that they understand the current state of their health and risks they may have. EDISON BIO provides its members with detailed diet, exercise, and lifestyle recommendations based upon their personal test results so that they can take control of their own health.


  • Testing at member’s preferred location
  • Comprehensive mental and physical data collection
  • Members receive more information than from any other provider in the world


  • No luxury facilities
  • No physical treatments offered (surgery, etc.)

In Conclusion 

Health providers that only focus on reactionary care or providing deluxe experiences are quickly falling behind in the evolution of healthcare. It is not enough to treat health challenges once they have already developed into serious issues—preventive care must be prioritized for patients to optimize their wellbeing. 

Providers like Health Nucleus, Q.Bio, and EDISON BIO are doing just that to innovate the future of healthcare through comprehensive data collection and the development of advanced diagnostic technologies.



Most of us worry about our health. EDISON BIO advanced, comprehensive, and convenient health screening uncovers hidden disease and health challenges early. You’ll be confident about your health and primed to perform at your highest potential.

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