Edison Bio

Compete Longer. Better.

Gain ultimate control over your mind and body
to take you to new heights.

You Should Never Have To Stop Playing
The Game That You Love

Detect Career-ending Injuries Early

Uncover Risks Specific To You And Your Family

Tailor Your Diet, Training And Recovery To Your Unique Body

Designed For The World’s Best.

Individual Athlete And Team Offerings

We provide flexible options to meet the highest standards of the most elite athletes and teams in the world. Whether it’s a team wide initiative or you are a solo athlete, we have you covered.

– In-home US and select International location testing

– Team strategy and facilitation

– Presentations and keynote speaking

Understand Your Body & Mind
Deeper Than Ever Imagined

Re-signing and continuing to play a game I love is where I want to be. I can’t think of anything else I would rather be doing.


Don’t Let Your Health Limit Your Potential

Unchain Yourself From The Reactive Healthcare System. Imagine A Healthier More Vibrant Life.