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Grow Your Practice

Set yourself apart from others that use outdated tools. Provide a level of care that patients are now demanding.

Improve Patient Outcomes

The more complete and better information you have on a patient will help shape and refine your approach to any treatment plan.

Keep Up With Technology

Accelerate your ability to offer the latest in personalized, preventative data-driven care that you have always wanted to offer and use it to enhance your services.

Simplified Information

Overwhelmed with data and ever-changing technology and science? Instantly fill in the gaps about your patient by receiving comprehensive insights, not piles of data that needs more of your time.

Fast and flexible Integration

Fast and flexible integration to how your practice operates allows you to offer more capability without impacting your time.

The Science

EDISION BIO was designed collaboratively by multidisciplinary experts composed of researchers, clinicians, and technologists from all over the world with the goal to deliver the best possible outcomes a human being can receive. EDISON BIO’s purpose is to expand human potential by identifying health risks and opportunities as early as possible and empowering its members and partners with the information they need to receive the best care.

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Research Approved

We are working with an ethical review / independent institutional review board (IRB) that’s dedicated to providing unsurpassed ethical reviews. EDISON BIO was designed and reviewed in collaboration with clinicians and researchers with the goal of identifying pathology at early stages across five risk categories.


Partnering with EDISON BIO brings my practice to the next level and allows me to provide better patient outcomes.
- MD & Practice Owner

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The EDISON BIO protocol

The EDISON BIO protocol is completely non-invasive and clinically relevant. We are based on the latest peer-reviewed literature, science and technology. Our Measurements have been curated to ensure repeatability and accuracy for longitudinal value. Independent certificated technicians collect data against clinical trial standards.

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Partner with EDISON BIO

EDISON BIO brings the latest in personalized, preventative, data-driven care to grow your practice.

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