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You And Your Risks Are Changing

Identify immediate disease and future health risks so you can prevent them from becoming serious challenges or deadly. Have peace of mind that you are taking necessary steps to live the longest, energetic and high performing life possible.


Understand Your Body & Mind
Deeper Than Ever Imagined


Help Your Providers
Help You Faster

Powerful personalized information at you and your provider's fingertips so that you can take control of your health.


Experience Our Personalized

The Most Extensive Health Service Ever Created To Help You Maintain Optimal Health


In-home Sample Collection

We send a nurse to your desired location to collect your bio samples. We also coordinate with the most convenient medical imaging center to get your full-body MRI completed. The remainder can all be done from home using any digital device.


Comprehensive Testing & Analysis

Using advanced medical technology, comprehensive testing and a multidisciplinary team we look at billionsof data points from a wide range of available biomarkers including multiple genomic technologies, extensive blood cell and tissue analysis, medical images, sleep, mental health and brain performance.


Personalized Diet, Exercise and Lifestyle Plan

Following our analysis and comparing against your previous test results we provide a personalized diet, exercise and lifestyle plan to optimize your longevity and performance goals. You finish feeling confident and in control.

When Challenges Arise. We Connect You To The Best. Fast.

When a challenge is uncovered, our team powered by AI tools provides you with the best in the world on your specific condition. We accelerate access to them and our aligned physicians assist in matching breakthrough therapies with precision, speed and care.


In Home or Office. Powerful results delivered around your location.

A nurse collects your samples at your desired location

MRI medical imaging closest to you

Physician delivers your personalized results via video



All in One Place

Tired of searching around for different health records? All your data in one easy place.


Exceeding HIPAA and standard security measures. We encrypt records to keep your information safe.

Share & Grow

Share your personalized report and give your family or health providers powerful information to provide better care.

Become a Member

EDISON BIO membership includes the curation, collection, aggregation and analysis of your personalized health information including one review per year. You or your care provider can schedule additional services depending on current and future health risks.

  • Invest with pre-tax dollars using your Health Savings Account (HSEA) or Flexible Spending Account (FSA)
  • Group and employer plans. We love to partner with teams who share our mission of expanding human potential
  • We do not accept insurance at this time

EDISON BIO saved my life.
Now they are engineering my health like I’m an Olympic athlete

EDISON BIO Member & Tech CEO