Frequently Asked Questions

Expanding human health potential by providing the most advanced executive health service focused on improving longevity and performance.


Who is EDISON BIO for?
EDISON BIO is for those interested in improving their longevity and increasing their performance, whether that be professional athletes, executives, or seniors desiring to improve their overall wellness. An investment in data-driven care empowers our members to have the confidence that they have an accurate and comprehensive picture of their present health and future risks. EDISON BIO is for those who are seeking more personalized and preventative care that focuses on expanding their human health potential.
What will I learn from EDISON BIO? What types of diseases does the EDISON BIO look for?
As a member of EDISON BIO, you will gain deep insight into understanding your present mental and physical health and will become equipped with the tools necessary to achieve your future wellness goals. Using bioinformatic technologies, we aggregate your data in order to analyze new developments that may be signs of neurodegenerative, cardiac, or metabolic diseases. Through the application of advanced diagnostic technologies, we work to proactively detect signs of cancer, musculoskeletal issues, or other mental or physical health concerns. You will be presented with an analysis of your results by a physician in an easily digestible manner and will be provided with an action plan covering diet, exercise, or lifestyle changes needed for you to improve longevity and performance.
What tests are included in the EDISON BIO?
EDISON BIO comprehensively combines your medical history with the most advanced diagnostic technologies in order to create a holistic picture of your mental and physical health. If anything concerning is detected, we have the ability to quickly and efficiently connect you with the best experts to address whatever health issues you may be experiencing. EDISON BIO consists of full body MRI imaging to analyze data about your respiratory, nervous, circulatory, hormonal, immune, urinary/renal, digestive, reproductive, and musculoskeletal systems, and includes genomic technologies, extensive blood panels, sleep analysis, and biomarker studies.
How does EDISON BIO compare against concierge medicine and other executive health programs?
Feedback from our Members, of which many have experienced concierge, executive and VIP healthcare models before, report that EDISON BIO uses by far the most advanced technology that provides the most comprehensive analysis of physical and mental health. Many have commented that EDISON BIO goes above and beyond the approach of many concierge providers who primarily focus on creating a spa-like atmosphere, improving customer service, and ensuring adequate time with the doctor all while using the same outdated and inefficient technology, limiting them from actually improving or better understanding their health. Additionally, Members have also expressed their appreciation for how our in-home or in-office service saves them significant time compared to having to travel to traditional provider locations.
What does EDISON BIO look like over time?
A large part of our philosophy at EDISON BIO is our commitment to continuously capturing data over time. We believe that longitudinal analysis from the latest and most accurate samples provides the clearest picture of one’s health. We utilize the comprehensive data to better understand future injuries or illnesses
Where is an EDISON BIO conducted?
We will send a nurse to your preferred location—typically your home or office—for them to collect your bio samples. In addition, we will coordinate with the nearest MRI imaging facility that meets our standards of excellence to schedule an appointment for your imaging. Any other communication will be conducted online through secure login or video conference.
What days/times can I have an EDISON BIO Exam?
Our goal is to provide service for you on your time, 24/7. However, we do have to consider and coordinate with other testing facilities—such as MRI imaging facilities—so certain times may vary depending upon your location.
What data do you retrieve from my specimens?
At EDISON BIO, we believe that data is the key to the future of health and to achieving optimized longevity and performance. Using medical images, genomics, blood, saliva, and other biomarkers, you will gain access to more data concerning your mental and physical health compared to 99.99% of all humans globally.
What can I expect after my executive health exam?
Following the completion of your EDISON BIO exam, you will be provided with a comprehensive analysis of your results from a physician via video-conference. The information presented and discussed with you can then be used as a means to improve your wellness and to achieve your future health goals quickly and efficiently.
Where does EDISON BIO provide service?
We provide service across the USA, Canada and select international locations. Please contact our team for any unique requirements that you might have.
Do you partner with health providers?
Yes, please contact our partnership team to apply to become a partner.

Membership and Payment Options

What does an EDISON BIO membership cost include?
The EDISON BIO membership cost includes the aggregation of your personal medical history, one complete EDISON BIO exam, access to all of your reports, review with an aligned physician and can include other concierge and personalized medical services. Our membership options are customized for your current and future health concerns and goals.
Could I lose access to my data?
No, Members have lifetime access to all of their reports.
Can I pay with Insurance?
EDISON BIO will qualify for HSA / FSA accounts. However, we do not accept insurance.
Can I pay with my HSA or FSA account?
We ask that you consult with your tax professional to determine if your specific HSA or FSA account can be used to pay for EDISON BIO Membership.
Do you have different types of membership plans?
Yes, we offer an array of memberships options designed for executive teams, individuals, professional sports teams, and families.
Do you offer any discounts for groups and corporations?
We offer employer plans as well as group plans. Please contact our membership team at for more information concerning these offers. At EDISON BIO, we are always interested in partnering with teams who share our mission of advancing human potential.

Privacy, Medical Records, and Medical History

Will this data go back to my doctor?
As a Member with EDISON BIO, you hold the full decision-making authority to decide whether to securely share your data and analysis information with your doctor and others.
How do you incorporate prior medical records? Do I need to bring in records?
During your membership setup, we will ask that you share your care provider information with us so that we can contact them on your behalf to aggregate, digitize, and index your records. We believe that comprehensive analysis yields the greatest results, so any prior biomarker information will be included in comparison with data collected for EDISON BIO.
How does EDISON BIO make my medical information private?
We empower you with the ability to securely share your health information with any provider that you choose. All information we collect, including any prior medical history we aggregate for you, will be securely stored. You will remain in complete control over how and when that gets shared, if at all.
How do you securely store data? Who do you share it with?
At EDISON BIO, we are incredibly committed to ensuring the privacy of our Members. Unless given permission to do so, we do not share any identifiable information with third parties and we go above and beyond HIPAA compliance standards to provide security for your electronic health records.
What is an IRB and how does this protect me?
An Institutional Review Board (IRB) is an independent committee dedicated to ensuring that research meets strict ethical and safety standards. This gives us the ability to analyze and share our findings at the forefront of biotechnology and scientific discovery. The IRB guides us to ensure we conduct our planned and ongoing research safely, ethically, responsibly, and with scientific rigor, all while complying with important regulations.

The Member Registration Process

Is there an age requirement or limit for Membership?
While there is not an age requirement for Membership, children under the age of 18 must gain parental approval to join and must have reached a maturity level that allows them to remain still for medical imaging as movement damages the image quality and results. Likewise, there is no age limit for Membership but elderly patients will need to be able to lie in an MRI machine for the exam.
Are there any medical conditions that would prevent me becoming an EDISON BIO member?
There are certain medical conditions that might inhibit you from receiving all of the diagnostic testing that an EDISON BIO Membership includes. For example, metal or electronic implants can prohibit you from being able to obtain an MRI scan. Additionally, pregnancy and recent events such as surgery or transfusions could prevent members from completing EDISON BIO examinations in the near future. If you have any concerns or doubts about your conditions, we strongly encourage you to reach out to someone on our team who will be happy to discuss the specifics with you.
I saw questions needed to be answered about my health. How much health history do you require?
Our goal is to incorporate a holistic view of your medical history with our own data findings. The more information you share with our team about your health, the better we are able to provide you with comprehensive results and guidance. If you are unsure about what information should be included, please reach out to for assistance.
How long will it take until I can have my EDISON BIO Exam once I am ready to be scheduled?
Our goal is to conduct your EDISON BIO exam as quickly as possible. Because our team comes to you for the exam, this may take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks depending upon your availability and where you are located.
Where can I get more information while I wait to get scheduled?
If you want to expedite your process of being scheduled, please reach out to for help. More information can be found on our website, blog and social media accounts.

Preparing for the EDISON BIO Exam

Is there anything I need to do to prepare for the EDISON BIO Exam?
It is important that in the hour leading up to us taking your bio samples you do not consume or put anything in your mouth—including gum, breath mints, etc.— as they might interfere with your saliva tests. Detailed instructions about what you can expect will be provided at the time of scheduling, but please do not hesitate to reach out to if you have any additional questions or concerns.
What if I have fainted or gotten sick during blood draws in the past?
If you have any concerns about getting your blood drawn, please inform our team. We have very experienced phlebotomists whose goal it is to make your exam as comfortable and easy as possible.
What should I expect during the MRI exam?
  • Before entering the MRI imaging space, you will be instructed to remove any metallic objects or clothing and keep them outside.
  • You will be provided with earplugs for the noise, and a headset to hear your audio selection and any instructions the technician may have for you. A pulse oximeter will be attached to one of your fingers so the technician can monitor your heart rhythm. You will also be provided an alarm ball to squeeze in your other hand should you need to alert the technician of any discomfort.
  • Once properly positioned lying down on the table, you will be drawn into the MRI machine. During certain scanning periods, the technician will instruct you through your earpiece to hold your breath for up to 30 seconds at a time in order to capture a detailed and accurate image of your torso.
Is an MRI painful?
An MRI is not painful. You are simply required to lie still on the table until the scanning is completed. Some Members even describe the process as relaxing.
Is there any danger to exposure with MRIs?
MRIs use Radio-Frequency (RF) technology that is non-ionizing which is much safer than CT scans or XRays. Following the proper safety protocol (making note of all ferromagnetic implants and removing any ferromagnetic jewelry/clothing) will minimize the risk of danger. Otherwise, MRIs are one of the safest technologies used for body imaging.
I have had MRI before, what is different in this process?
This process will likely be very similar to your previous experience with an MRI. However, because our exam requires a scan of your entire body, it may last longer than the MRIs you have had before.
What if I experience claustrophobia?
Not feeling comfortable in an enclosed space is a very common phenomenon. However, there are many ways to make your MRI experience as relaxed and enjoyable as possible. Understand that you have the power and the authority to stop the exam if you feel it necessary to do so, though few people ever do. Many Members find comfort in listening to music during the scan or even just closing their eyes and meditating. Our technicians will do everything they can to help you feel most at ease during the entirety of the process. If you have severe claustrophobia, we can connect you with a doctor who may be able to prescribe you medication to help calm your nerves before the scan. If you have any concerns or questions, please reach out to us for assistance.
Do you give intravenous contrast?
Who reads the MRI?
A certified radiologist reads your MRI.

Additional EDISON BIO Services

Can I add on specific tests or requests I am specifically interested in if they are not included in the exam- such as additional blood tests?
Yes, we provide flexibility to best meet your needs and concerns. Just reach out to our team for inquiries.
Does EDISON BIO provide medical services?
EDISON BIO is not a medical practice and as such is not a provider of medical services. We provide educational health data and facilitate an aligned physician to provide analysis on how to best use your information to improve your longevity and performance. Non-FDA approved testing is limited in proven clinical utility and should be interpreted with caution as these assays are still investigational.

COVID-19 Response

If you are experiencing symptoms such as difficulty breathing, fever, or cough or if you believe you may have been exposed to COVID-19, please call your primary healthcare provider for instruction and care.
What are you doing in response to COVID-19 to keep members, staff, and community safe?
As always, we continue to maintain stringent sanitation and cleaning standards. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have heightened our protocol to the strictest Universal Precaution Infection Control codes suggested by OSHA and WHO. In addition, we will also be sending out a questionnaire in advance of Member visits that includes specific screening questions regarding your travel and your present health.
If I have been exposed to COVID-19, can I still do my EDISON BIO appointment?
If you think you have been exposed to COVID‑19 or have a fever and symptoms such as cough or difficulty breathing, call your healthcare provider for medical advice.
If you are asymptomatic but have known COVID-19 exposure, please share this information with our staff so that we can determine if it is safe for our EDISON BIO team to examine you.