EDISON BIO Provides Most Advanced Cancer Blood Test

WIth just a single drop of blood, EDISON BIO can identify more than 50 different kinds of cancer in your body at once, revolutionizing the way that cancer screenings have been done for years.

Cancer is one of the leading causes of death around the globe, killing more than 9 million people each year. Yet, many of these tragic deaths could have been avoided had the cancers been detected at an earlier stage. Only 1 in 5 people who receive a late-stage cancer diagnosis survive longer than five years. 

For example, those who receive an early diagnosis of localized Lung cancer have a 56% chance of survival. Yet, those who receive a late-stage diagnosis of Metastatic Lung cancer only have a 5% chance of living past five years.

Many traditional cancer screenings are limited in their capacity to screen for more than one cancer at a time, often allowing some cancers to spread undetected. The earlier you receive a diagnosis for cancer the more effective your treatment can be—which is why EDISON BIO has invested in the most advanced cancer blood test available.

A Better Way To Screen

DNA Cancer Blood Test

As part of their comprehensive and preventive Executive Health Exam, EDISON BIO provides its Members with a cancer blood test that uses the latest clinical studies and detailed genome sequencing information to discover patterns of cancer in tiny pieces of RNA and DNA in the bloodstream.

When tumors grow, cell-free nucleic acids (parts of RNA and DNA) can be detected in a patient’s blood sample. The patterns in the presence of these cell-free nucleic acids can be analyzed against vast data sets of genomic sequencing to determine whether—and where—a cancer is present. 

Through the analysis of the cfDNA, more than 50 types of cancer can be detected with great accuracy, many of which are not regularly screened for. Currently, routine screenings include Lung, Cervical, Breast, and Colorectal cancers which only account for 28% of all cancer diagnoses. Because the other 72% are for cancers that are not routinely screened for, their diagnoses often come at much later, more dangerous stages. But this new blood test fills in these gaps by testing for a vast array of different types of cancers at once:


GRAIL Cancer Tests

The test can detect cancers that aren’t regularly screened for at an incredibly early stage and can locate their origin with 89% accuracy. 

In 2021, an estimated 1.89 million cases of cancer will be diagnosed, yet current screening technology will be unable to detect 1.36 million of these cases. For the general population, the probability of a cancer diagnosis of any kind is 39.5%, with the leading cancers being: Breast (12.9%), Prostate (12.1%), Lung (6.3%), Colon (4.2%), Uterine (3.1%), Melanoma (3%) and Bladder (2.4%). 

However, a multi-cancer early detection test such as this has the potential to detect the presence of cancer even before symptoms begin to develop, revolutionizing the traditional screening process. On average, 10 out of every 1000 patients whose blood is tested will screen positive for some kind of cancer (with only a 0.5% false positivity rate), giving them the best chance to treat their cancer early and successfully.

Preventive Health

EDISON BIO is committed to expanding human health potential through investing in preventive health and the most advanced technology ever invented. Optimizing your mind and body cannot be achieved through outdated treatments based in reactionary care. Instead, EDISON BIO empowers its Members to take control of their own longevity and performance by providing them with the most comprehensive analysis of their mental and physical health. 

Patients should not have to depend upon traditional and reactionary medicine to care for their bodies—nor should they have to receive a cancer diagnosis when it’s already too late. The innovative and powerful cancer blood test is just one of the many ways that EDISON BIO ensures that its Members receive a holistic picture of their current health and future risks. 



EDISON BIO expands human health potential by providing the most advanced executive health service focused on improving longevity and performance for the highest performing people on the planet. You can learn more about applying to be a member at  www.edisonbio.com


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