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Our Purpose

EDISON BIO’s purpose is to expand human health potential. We believe the future of healthcare is highly personalized, preventive and driven by data. We provide our members with a universal picture of all aspects of their health empowering them with absolute certainly to the state of their health and the tools they need to reach their dreams. Member’s receive continuous and extensive testing where results are clearly presented so they can live a long and vibrant life.

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Our Story

In 2005, EDISON BIO’s Founder James McDonough’s mother Gloria underwent cancer treatment and ultimately was saved by an early cancer screening technology. Around the same time, a long time family friend passed away from cancer which was not screened for.

These events ignited a passion for studying health and for nearly two decades James has been researching and experimenting with health technologies to improve performance and boost energy levels to live as full and long of a life as possible.

Frustrated with the reactive health care system and inspired by the advancements in technology, James founded EDISON BIO with the purpose to expand health potential for his family and communities around the world.

Believing that the future of healthcare is highly personalized, preventive and driven by data, EDISON BIO provides a universal picture of a person’s health that gives them absolute certainty to the current state oftheir health and empowers them to achieve their dreams.

Giving Pledge

As a Pledge 1% member, we put one percent of company equity, employee working time, and product to work to accelerate change in our local and global communities.

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Impact Lives Forever

We are committed to supporting the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals by protecting children against polio, measles, diarrheal disease and pneumonia

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