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Don’t Let Health Limit Your Team’s Potential

The Executive Physical of the Future
Enables Your Team to Reach New Heights.

Don’t Wait For Your Business
To Be Impacted
by Health

Protect Your Biggest Asset. Your People.

Company performance is directly impacted when health challenges present themselves.

Attract & Retain Top Performers

Studies show that organizations with the best benefits attract and retain better talent.

Breed a Performance Culture

Live your team’s high performance core values by using the most advanced technology.

Health Insurance Is a Bottom of the Barrel Company Benefit… Traditional Executive Physicals Aren't Much Better.

The vast majority of traditional executive health exams or “Executive Physicals” are using outdated technology, require your team to travel to them and only provide a fraction of the insights available with today’s advanced technology. Don’t let the fancy locations and spa-like environments fool you into thinking they are helping your health. EDISON BIO focuses on accelerating your access to the most advanced medical technology.

In-Office Or At Home. Global reach delivered where you do business.

Designed For The World’s Best.

Our culture is about winning and focused on developing high performing leaders. EDISON BIO is a tool that empowers our team to perform at the highest of levels.

Law Firm - Managing Partner

Flexible Offerings & Group Plans

We provide flexible options to meet the highest of needs of your benefit strategy. Whether it’s a company wide initiative or a CXO only privilege, we have you covered.

– Across the US and select International location In-office testing

– Corporate retreat experience planning and facilitation

– Corporate presentations and keynote speaking

Our team feels supported and like we are investing in them like never before, insurance is table stakes in today’s war for the best talent.


The best teams are always looking for an edge on and off the field. Equip your team with what they need to sustain performance at the highest levels.


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EDISON BIO brings the latest in personalized, preventative, data-driven care to grow your practice.